• Mass Marketing
  • Business to Business Marketing  


Black Xenon specialises in business development, I take your business vision and put it into action. A realistic strategy is devised from your business goals which form the basis of your business plan.

Black Xenon and associates are not only experienced with marketing and business consulting but we also have our own creative teams internally and external giving you the best of both worlds. This has many advantages including cost saving measures because we eliminate unnecessary third party providers, we work closely on all our clients work.


Business Services

  • Business development and planning
  • Marketing and strategic planning
  • Communication services
  • Advertising services and planning
  • Creative services


Business development and planning  

The market place is constantly changing including the players – your competitors. It is not easy becoming the objective observer of your own business, often times we all need some good business guidance. Black Xenon does not pretend to have all the answers as others do and we don't call ourselves the expert of your industry. With your help and our business partners we can help you find your captain of industry to guide and explain the trends that will effect your business growth. Wether its an analyst or a small business coach we go out of our way to find a compatible and realistic consultant to get you off on the right foot.
  • Business management consulting
  • Corporate business planning
  • Market research consulting


Marketing and strategic planning 

We can help you construct a robust business marketing plan that is easy to change and can be measured against your business outcomes.

  • Marketing analysis
  • Marketing plan
  • Operations plan
  • Management plan
  • Financial plan


Online Marketing Program – The internet has empowered individuals as evident with the expansion of social networks and the rapid communications of news and ideas around the globe as never seen before. This has been clearly demonstrated through the campaign strategy of ‘Barack Obama’ Americas first African-American president. Part of the campaign strategy included a robust and clever on-line marketing program that reached out to many Americans during the elections. Online marketing programs are designed to increase business or personal presence and boost engagement with the audience like no other medium can. To get this formula right, solid consultation and planning is a must.

Some of the components of on-line marketing,

• Affiliate marketing

• Forum and blog presence


• SMS technologies

• Email & direct on-line marketing

• Interactive advertising

• Viral campaigns

• Social networking

• Relationship marketing

• Direct marketing

• Data base marketing

• Banner advertising  


SEO/SEM (Search Engine Marketing) – Search engine optimisation, managing paid listings with search engines, submitting sites to directories, and developing online marketing strategies for businesses, organisations, and individuals. This is a very broad area and usually requires business to regularly update their category listings and blogs to maintain engagement with their audience. Online activities can be fairly intense and a careful blend of presence and interactivity is the challenge for today's business leaders.

Personalised online experiences – The expansion of internet communities such as MySpace, Twitter and Facebook cannot be ignored by any business. A social presence managed correctly instils trust and helps develop a relationship with the audience that actually empowers the user to communicate with the business on their terms and not the other way around. Tapping into this ‘interactivity’ allows business to meet demand on a much more personal level that was never really possible with mass media advertising. This has provided a real channel or opportunity for direct communications with the audience by an advertiser. 

Communication services – Often the right words do not come easy. The way and style of communicating to your audience and staff effects the business in so many ways. Developing the right communication language and tone is both demanding and creatively challenging. Ken Welsh has made this his life passion and businesses can benefit from his genuine approach and experience that have made him a winner amongst US and Australian companies.

Advertising services and planning – Advertising is only part of the picture and speaking to many business operators over the years you quickly realise that some campaigns did not work as anticipated or were ineffective.With clear goals and with the good information a simple and effective advertising plan can be devised for any business. Measurement and evidence of the advertising activity is of course necessary and should be included in the plan. Most customers I find want transparency and honesty when it comes to advertising  not unrealistic expectations.