Law Vision Pty Ltd


Since 2009 a unique marketing plan has been developed for Law Vision one of Australia's leading legal educational video producers. The plan involved changing the old website and introducing on-line marketing activities mixed in with traditional marketing thus increasing the presence (branding) of Law Vision amongst educators and students alike. Law Vision is an ongoing project with a 5 year plan.  



Ciciban Down Under



Filip Popovski is the sole distributer of the Ciciban brand in Australasia who started out selling children's shoes door to door. After developing his first business plan and an overseas buiness trip has secured a 6 year contract and the revenue has increased three fold to what he anticipated in the first contractual year. Through a selective process of traditional and online marketing strategies Filip has now turned this Sydney business national plus New Zealand plus prospects in China. Black Xenon is still working with Ciciban Down Under with the Asian expansion.   ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Alex Elliott – Independent for Drummoyne – NSW State Elections Campaign


Alex Elliott - independent for drummoyne running in state elections NSW










Alex Elliott has decided to run as an independent in the NSW 2011 state election. Black Xenon together with Ken Welsh have formulated a three prong attack with traditional, online and a personal approach for the campaign trial. Locals have started taking notice of Alex Elliott's political commitment for the seat of Drummoyne.

Blue Gum Joinery




Black Xenon has worked with Blue Gum Joinery in the early days of operations to produce a basic business plan and some industry analysis to help Blue Gum increase their customer base. This included some market research and a photographic services in creating a web brochure for their online customers.

About Blue Gum Joinery Pty Ltd

Specialising in the design and manufacture of joinery specifically related to audio-visual equipment and related components. We have been able to steer our company in directions that have given us a unique understanding of what is required, and what machinery and tools we should purchase to build the best possible AV Joinery.





In coalition with Brian Taylor Black Xenon (Vision Reel) have written a staff training script and created a television style drama induction video. This was a very large project shot in the early hours of the morning in Westfield's main shopping town (Chatswood). This video provided Westfield trainers with a convenient tool used to educate new staff.   



  aapt logo blackxenon
Back in 1996 Black Xenon (Vision Reel) undertook a first ever assignment for AAPT to produce a special internal communications video. It was a huge success transforming the work cultural and instilling a high standard for staff motivation and customer relations.