About Blue Gum Joinery Pty Ltd
Specialising in the design and manufacture of joinery specifically related to audio-visual equipment and related components. We have been able to steer our company in directions that have given us a unique understanding of what is required, and what machinery and tools we should purchase to build the best possible AV Joinery.

Having over 20 years of experience in the cabinet making and shop fitting industry, mostly designing and building cabinets for audio-visual equipment. It is this background and our keen commitment to always be up to date with the latest technologies and materials, that we believe has seen us grow and will continue to see us grow well into the future.

Designing and building custom joinery often involves taking the time to learn and understand exactly what our clients visualise. Time taken and attention to detail is what we believe is the secret ingredient to quality well functioning custom joinery.

One aspect of cabinets built for audio-visual equipment often overlooked by cabinetmakers is access for Audio Visual installers. Audio-visual installers have some problems to overcome when trying to install AV equipment into cabinets. It has always been our goal to build our joinery with the best possible access to assist installers with this problem.

The audio-visual industry is changing every day. New products and installation methods are constantly being re-thought. We are looking forward to building the joinery for the next generation of AV equipment for years to come.