Ciciban Down Under is an Australian importer specialising in children’s footwear for the Australian Market. The Ciciban brand is unique and is a premium European product for parents who want the best for the children’s feet.

Babies attempt their first steps when they are 9-18 months old, when they bravely set out to explore the world.

All along Ciciban supports them with shoes made from natural and soft materials that gently yet thoughtfully help them make the first unsteady steps in a safe and secure manner.

With their anatomic design and materials Ciciban shoes encourage healthy foot development as they fit little feet superbly, offering them support, protection and freedom all at the same time.

If you are a retailer or reseller and would like to see the latest collection, send your information including name of shop
and address by clicking on the email link below or
call Phone: 02 9567 7623

We can arrange a meeting to view the samples or alternatively,
post the catalogue out to you.